Ready to soar to new heights? Dive into our exclusive part auction! From engine material, and QEC to Airframe components like nacelles, cutting-edge avionics, flight surfaces, and interiors, this auction has everything you need to elevate your inventory. Don’t miss your chance to bid on top-quality parts and accessories. Take flight with us today!

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Terms & Conditions

Copies of certification (CAA, EASA, Certificate of Conformity etc) will be supplied for all serviceable components. Each certificate will be with the component so it can clearly be identified. If originals are required, they are to be requested in advance.


Unserviceable components will be clearly identified with a red unserviceable label detailing the fault.


Payment will be required in full in advance of the components being collected/shipped.


Incoterms are Ex Works. Auction lot components will be available for collection at a mutually agreed date between the Buyer and the Seller after the auction has ended.