Benefits of OEM Parts / by Devin Adderley

Author: gatelesis

The benefits of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) replacement parts have changed drastically over the past few years. The increase in 3D printing, Parts Manufacturing Authority (PMA) parts, and other alternatives have created new replacement part options. To better understand the OEM versus PMA market today, a short history lesson is in order.


In the past, OEMs did not pay much attention to the replacement parts market.  They designed, manufactured, and held the IP for their parts and, therefore, felt they owned the aftermarket. The Global Financial Crisis changed all that. A new market place emerged where PMA and other alternative parts had to demonstrate they could provide significant value to airlines and MROs. However, the use of OEM replacement parts had challenges that include higher cost, limited availability, as well as fewer opportunities to work with the OEMs.  Alternative parts thrived in this environment as many customers gravitated towards the newfound options.  OEM replacement parts lost the market’s attention, which led to missing out on significant sales opportunities.  The OEMs quickly realized they had to change their approach to have a more positive impact on the OEM replacement parts market for future product lines.

Current Environment

There are countless benefits to using OEM replacement parts. The use of genuine OEM replacement parts is the best way to guarantee a part will function as designed (keywords “as designed”).  OEMs have learned from their past and have made significant adjustments on how they approach new generation product lines.  Most OEMs have implemented strategies specifically targeting aftermarket support and directly challenging, through fair competition, the use of alternative replacement parts.  OEMs are not only purchasing 3rd party MROs, but they are also partnering with them. This includes GA Telesis MRO Services, which has numerous OEM material service agreements in place.  This new approach has allowed the OEMs to recoup a significant share of the aftermarket segment.  Cost per Flight Hour (CPFH), leasing, and pooling agreements all favor use of OEM replacement parts as this perfectly aligns with other commercial aircraft and engine agreements.  GA Telesis is playing a significant role in solidifying this OEM replacement part philosophy by ensuring this practice throughout the GA Telesis Ecosystem™.

The GA Telesis MRO Services Experience

GA Telesis MRO Services aligns with some of the largest OEMs in the aerospace industry.  The company’s OEM agreements, combined with high-quality, have enabled GA Telesis to provide the highest level of repair services in the industry.  The repair services utilize genuine OEM replacement parts at competitive prices and industry-leading turnaround time (TAT).  The company continues to grow its OEM alliances, which have proven beneficial to the OEMs, GA Telesis, and, most importantly, our customers.  Through the combination of OEM material service agreements, high-quality standards, and excellent customer service, GA Telesis MRO Services continues to expand its business with current and new customers.

When repair requirements emerge, contact GA Telesis MRO Services. The company will prove that there is significant value in utilizing OEM replacement parts – without compromise.