Top Ten Best Places to Eat in Istanbul

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Looking for the best places to eat in Istanbul? Look no further!

Merhaba Hoşgeldiniz! Hello and welcome to our first ever Travel with Team Telesis Blog! Let’s jump right in. I went ahead and asked our Istanbul Team to dish their insider knowledge on the hot spots and best places to eat in Istanbul and they certainly did not hold back. We have dessert houses, sushi lounges, Steakhouses, and traditional Turkish Cuisine in the mix along with some other insider finds.

If you’re not hungry now, you will be once you’re finished reading this! Here are our team’s favorite places to eat in Istanbul and what we consider to be the 10 Best Restaurants in Istanbul.

First up, we have . . .

  1. Beyti Florya – Having opened in 1945, this restaurant is one of the first meat restaurants in Turkey. Family operated by a father and his two sons, this trio values tradition and it shows in each dish. If you want a bite of some of the best-roasted meat and Turkish food around where quality is never compromised, Beyti Florya has a table waiting for you.
  2. Nusret Etiler – Meat lovers unite! This steakhouse serves delicious meats, rich flavors, with unique service and a boutique concept. Having received the Star Diamond Award it is no surprise this restaurant made it to the top ten best places to eat in Istanbul list!
  3. Lulu Lounge – Regional Sales Director of GA Telesis Istanbul, Eren Derinkok, says, “You will definitely enjoy a special hookah presentation with unique flavors. Expect mouthwatering dishes while taking in one of the best views of the world, Istanbul Bosphorus.” Lulu Lounge’s menu is brimming with international cuisines, so get ready to take your taste buds on a trip around the world.
  4. Lacivert Balik – This gem is located in a historic seaside mansion offering picturesque coastal views of the Bosphorus. Chef Ceylan honors Mediterranean culture as the foundation for Turkish cuisine and his mastery of Mediterranean dishes stands unmatched and for this reason it made our list of top restaurants in Istanbul.
  5. Hatay Medeniyetler Sofrasi – Smell the fresh aroma of thyme from the mountains of Amanos and get ready to spoil your palette. Chef Burak does not hold back when it comes to presentation or flavor. If you are craving kebab and other authentic dishes, you are sure to find them here. Don’t forget to complete your meal with the kenafeh- a traditional Middle Eastern dessert!
  6. Park Samdan – Perched on the pier of Les Ottomans Hotel this restaurant ranks high among most favored hot spots in Istanbul. At Park Samdan you can expect impeccable service, a magical ambience, and absolutely delicious pasta, risotto, and fresh seafood dishes.
  7. Haci Abdullah – With a rich history and menu, Haci Abdullah’s business license was handed down by Abdul Hamid II, 34th Ottoman Sultan himself, in the 1800s and since then the restaurant has been serving Turkish cuisine to its worldwide customers while keeping its tradition of ownership, which changes from master to apprentice.
  8. Isokyo – Get ready for a flavor journey from Turkey to Tokyo by unlocking the many flavors of the Orient while combining them with contemporary western cooking techniques. Ideal for sharing, Isokyo promises an interactive and playful, yet refined menu with enhanced dish and cocktail presentations. You’re sure to create a memorable dining experience at Isokyo.
  9. Uskumru – Take in a striking sunset and coastline views from your table as you sip your Raki and enjoy the breeze. Uskuru not only boasts stunning views, the food is equally impressive. Hakan Fedai, Director of Finance and Collections of GA Telesis Istanbul, shared this with us, “Uskumru is my favourite. They have amazing Turkish Meze including fresh tomato salad, octopus carpaccio, avocado prawn cocktail, grilled calamari, and daily fresh sea fish. Any meal is not complete until you pair it with Turkish Raki or amazing Turkish, Italian or French wines. Moreover, you are just one step away from the amazing Bosphorus, which is located under the Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridge.”
  10. Mikla– On the rooftop of the Marmara Pera Hotel, sits Mikla, a stylish and sleek restaurant with views from Hagia Sophia to the Topkapi Palace. This refined but contemporary “Istanbullu” restaurant boasts a menu and ambiance reflecting a rich Turkish–Scandinavian background. Traditional dishes are transformed with a blend of new and ancient techniques. Head over to Mikla for dinner and an experience!

Now you know the best places to eat in Istanbul, so don’t forget to bookmark this page to reference on your trip when you’re trying to figure out where to eat in Istanbul. Stay hungry!

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