Changing Expectations to Appreciation / By Geraldo Abreu

Author: gatelesis

For many of us, this is a very exciting time of year as we celebrate the holidays with family and friends. A time when many of us take time off from work to enjoy the company of those we care about. It is also the time of year when we start to look forward to the many opportunities the new year will bring.

However, this can also be a difficult time of year filled with stress and anxiety.  The people we spend time with can have a significant impact on how we feel about ourselves and how we project our feelings. It is important that we surround ourselves with individuals that prop us up because of their positive outlook.

A few years ago, I had the privilege of attending a Tony Robbins self-improvement seminar. I paid for the tickets several months in advance, at the suggestion of a friend who encouraged me to give it a try. As it was getting closer to the date of the session, I convinced myself that it would be a waste of time and requested a refund. In order for me to get the refund, I had to attend the first full-day of the four-day seminar. I reluctantly attended and to my surprise, a half-hour into the seminar, I was completely hooked by the strong positive energy from my co-participants. I ended up staying for the entire four days and was completely charged to take massive action to accomplish my next set of goals. Shortly after this seminar, I had my job interview at GA Telesis.

The key tools I took away were:

  • Have high standards and expectations of yourself. Having expectations of others can lead to disappointment.
  • Appreciate everything and everyone.
  • In order to achieve your goals, practice discipline and take massive action.
  • Focus on what you’re grateful for (try this at home…for the next seven days each morning, list the three things you are grateful for).

I credit the actions above for not only helping me earn the job at GA Telesis, but also my success at the company, in helping manage people operations in 21 countries. I encourage you to try this and you’ll notice that your energy level will be higher and you will be destined to have a more positive outlook and a feeling that almost anything is possible. By focusing on the positives, you will naturally block out the negatives. Like misery, happiness loves company!

As the Vice President of People Operations and Talent Management, I consider myself a thought leader for the company. I often recommend reading or listening to, As A Man Thinketh by James Allen, who believes that we are the master gardeners of our souls and the sole directors of our lives. This book has had a profound impact on me and amazingly it was first published in 1902 and continues to influence so many people globally.

As we approach and close out the year at GA Telesis, we find it important to take time to reflect on the many wonderful things that we have to be grateful for, spend time with the people we care about and that give us the unconditional support that fuels our mindset. A positive attitude got GA Telesis where it is and will allow you to see and achieve the many outstanding opportunities that the new year will bring, both personally and professionally.