Headquartered in South Florida, considered the gateway to Latin American and the Caribbean, GA Telesis benefits from the diverse pool of local aviation talent. Most of the team member population in the US is considered minority/majority, with the Latino community representing the largest multicultural group.


Our presence in Asia has been expanded by team members who speak the language and respect the customers’ customs in the region. The dynamic team members in Turkey covering Eurasia are appreciated by the customers for their commitment to customer care.


Team members in the UK and Finland serve the customers’ aviation needs located inEurope, the Middle East, and Africa. At the annual meetings each December, team members from around the world gather in South Florida, representing more than fifteen countries and multiple languages, making our get-together lots of fun.

“Coming from China and English being my second language I have been successful in using my background to serve GA Telesis customers in Asia.”
  • Lynda Cheng, Senior Vice President of Asia Sales, Flight Solutions Group
“I enjoy working with a team who is as diverse as they are hardworking. Every day I am afforded the opportunity to learn and experience something new.”
  • Enoch Vilbrun, Team Lead Lot Receiving, Flight Solutions Group


At GA Telesis, inclusion is about making team members’ voices count and evaluating ideas based on merit and impact on the business. Having a diverse employee population allows the company to hear from many different constituents.

The exponential growth of the business is attributable to the contributions of our team members. From introducing new services and parts to changing team member benefits and acquiring new customers, these opportunities have been presented and executed by our global team members.

The management team is represented by both women and men with different multicultural backgrounds, mirroring the general team member population. The company receives overwhelming support from both team members and customers for hosting events that celebrate diversity and inclusion. Black History Month, Chinese New Year, Hispanic Heritage Month, Women’s History Month, Pride Month, Veterans Day, and Diwali are a few of the many events team members recognize and celebrate.

The company’s headquarter building was designed to accommodate team members’ needs, including LGBTQ+, employees with disabilities, nursing mothers, and religious team members. Since its inception, GA Telesis has emphasized tolerance and respect, which continue to be the pillars that create an environment where all team members can do their best work.

“No doubt that team members ethnic representation and multiculturalism is important. Inclusion is what ultimately defines team member engagement, productivity, and financial results.” Alvin Khoo, CFO.

“As a married and openly gay man, I have always felt thankful of the support I have experienced during my time at GA Telesis. From professional growth to the adoption of my son, the GA Telesis organization has backed me up every step of the way!”
  • Juan San Martin, Director of Quality Control, Flight Solutions Group

“Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion are felt throughout the GA Telesis organization globally. Our workforce represents over 37 countries and our employees speak at least 29 different languages/dialects. I am in a unique position to continually develop our current workforce and pull in talent from around the world that supports the diverse organization we are today and will continue to be in the future.”

  • Julie Seydlitz, Vice President, People Operations


We celebrate our senior aviation team members who bring many years of technical expertise and deliver high-quality service to our customers while also taking the time to train and help the new team members in the aviation industry. Creating a business with a long-time horizon requires employees from multiple generations maintain the legacy. Knowing that aviation as an industry will experience a labor shortage of workers, GA Telesis has focused its talent management initiatives on retaining experienced team members and recruiting the next generation.


Through the summer internship program where college and high school students are hired temporarily to work alongside experienced professionals, the Company builds a talent pipeline. Sponsorship of local schools like George T. Baker, a technical school in Miami, serves a large student population of Hispanic and African American students and partnerships with Broward College.


In Finland, the Traineeship program, which recruits early career candidates to join the Company, has successfully graduated many candidates who continue to advance their career in the Company. GA Telesis is positioned to remain relevant long into the future.

“As an experienced professional, I have worked with people of all ages that come from many walks of life. At GA Telesis I am able to work alongside new generations learning and growing from each other!”
  • Murphy Hayes, Graphic & Web Designer, Marketing
“As a woman being in a predominantly male field and English being my second language, I thought my chances for growth were minimal. GA Telesis recognized my efforts and provided the tools for my career path and growth.”
  • Maylin Salgado, VP of ESG and Global Quality Systems, Flight Solutions Group