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FBBA Real Estate Committee Welcomes Jason Bennick, President, Digital Innovation Group

Author: gatelesis

October 6, 2021 – Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Jason Bennick, President of the Digital Innovation Group, a GA Telesis, LLC company, was welcomed this week to the Florida Business Blockchain Association’s recently formed Real Estate Committee, focused on exploring the business innovation of blockchain technologies for real estate. Led by Committee Chairman John Markunas, Bennick will be working with Committee members to address the growing need for increasing efficiencies through emerging technology solutions across the residential and commercial real estate industry.

The real estate industry’s interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency has continued to grow as fast as the Florida real estate market. To fill the blockchain technology knowledge gap among those in the real estate industry, the FBBA has launched its first Real Estate Committee.

“Joining the FBBA is both an honor and necessity due to the explosive growth of emerging technologies and digital currencies, now being considered across both retail and commercial property sales,” said Bennick. He added, “The FBBA is a powerful new coalition pushing blockchain technology education, awareness, and understanding to all sectors in the State of Florida, and our group is specifically focused on transforming the real estate industry.”

Jason currently leads emerging technology solutions at the Digital Innovation Group at GA Telesis, where they have developed Blockrails, a new, innovative platform designed to stop payment fraud. Blockrails uses blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies in the fight against real estate payment fraud and becomes available in the US real estate market in time for the 2021 Christmas holidays.

“Our original application has already seen success over the past year, supporting millions in fraud-free payments in the aviation industry. We are now excited to bring an expanded, streamlined version to the 30-trillion-dollar US real estate market to protect not just REALTORS® but everyone involved in a property transaction,” said Bennick.

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