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GA Telesis Announces an Agreement for the Acquisition of a Fleet of 777-300ER Aircraft

Author: gatelesis

March 2, 2021 – Fort Lauderdale, Florida – GA Telesis has signed an agreement to acquire a fleet of 777-300ER aircraft powered by GE90-115B engines with an undisclosed seller. With the world’s leading aviation ecosystem and given the relative size of the acquisition, GA Telesis’ plan for this fleet will encompass a broad strategy of aircraft leasing, engine leasing, as well as airframe and engine part-out.

According to Marc Cho, President of the LIFT (Leasing, Investments, Finance & Trading) Group, “We were the first to manage 777 fleet disposition strategies during the financial crisis, and we have built an extensive customer network for the product line.  With approximately 1,000 aircraft in service, GA Telesis is proud to support a wide variety of customers throughout the GA Telesis Ecosystem™, as the long-haul market prepares for passenger traffic recovery.”

GA Telesis has achieved great success with the 777 platform, from the world’s first-ever 777  part-out to the multitude of aircraft it has acquired and managed over the past decade.  Most recently, GA Telesis acquired three aircraft from All Nippon Airways for part-out, which followed an award for the Cathy Pacific 777 fleet disposition contract over seven years.

About GA Telesis 

LIFT is the group within the GA Telesis Ecosystem™ responsible for Leasing, Investments, Finance & Trading through its business units ATG, LFG, and CMG. The Asset Transaction Group (ATG) engages in aircraft and engine leasing and trading. The Leveraged Financing Group (LFG) is a direct lending platform that provides senior debt, sub-debt, and uni-tranche financing solutions for lessors, investors, and airlines. The Capital Management Group (CMG) oversees third-party investor capital management, including the GAIN 1 and 2 vehicles.

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