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GA Telesis Awarded ISO 14001:2015 Recertification for Environmental Management

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GA Telesis Awarded ISO 14001:2015 Recertification  

for Environmental Management 

December 20, 2023 – Fort Lauderdale, Florida GA Telesis, LLC (“GAT”) has been recertified for ISO 14001:2015 reflecting GAT’s recognition of environmental sustainability and commitment to compliance with all relevant necessary regulations at GA Telesis facilities around the globe. The certification process follows standards set by ISO – the International Organization for Standardization – to reduce the effect of global warming and to avert any and all adverse impacts to the global climate. In addition, the Environmental Management System (“EMS”) is a voluntary commitment that GAT has initiated to benefit its customers, employees, and the environment. The observed cultural advancements over the past three years underscore our dedication to achieving more sustainable operations through an effective EMS. 

The audits were conducted at GAT distribution centers and offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Istanbul, and Taiwan. As a result of this recertification, GAT has greatly improved its environmentally sensitive operations by reducing the adverse impact our activities, processes, products, and services have on the environment using a systematic approach embodied in ISO 14001:2015.  This recertification effort is also leading to upcoming Energy Management certification plans scheduled for 2024. 

“Our ISO 14001 certification is incredibly important to us,” said Jason Reed, President of the Flight Solutions Group (“FSG”). “It is a reflection of our ongoing commitment as a company in preserving and protecting our environment for years to come. Our current EMS not only emphasizes the products and procedures of our business that may affect our environment, but also focuses on continuous improvement in those areas as well. Projects such as energy reduction, waste reduction, water conservation, recycling (paper, plastic, cans, and oil), stormwater management, and awareness training have strengthened our operations to be more sustainable and reliable in dealing with environmental challenges. Most importantly, in today’s environmental revolution, our team’s dedication, cooperation, and support have made it possible for us to implement and maintain a successful system. This has been a total team effort for which we are all very proud,” commented Reed. 

GA Telesis is the first aviation aftermarket company to be certified to ISO 14001, adding to its already impressive Quality Management System of ISO 9001, ASA-100, AS9120, CAMAC, and AFRA certifications. 

About GA Telesis  

GA Telesis is the leading provider of integrated services in the commercial aviation industry. Through the GA Telesis Ecosystem™, the Company is distinctly positioned, across six continents, to leverage its resources to create innovative solutions for its customers. Consisting of global operations encompassing leasing/financing, component solutions, and MRO Services business units for landing gear, component/composite, and turbine engine repair, as well as digital solutions, the GA Telesis Ecosystem™ provides an unparalleled resource to airlines. The Company’s core business is its mission to ensure “Customer Success,” built from a reputation for unsurpassed excellence and integrity. 

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