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GA Telesis and Boeing Sign PART Page Marketplace Agreement for Serviceable Parts

Author: gatelesis

September 9, 2014 – Fort Lauderdale, FL – GA Telesis, LLC (“GA Telesis”) announced today that it has signed a landmark long-term agreement with Boeing to sell aircraft and engine material through the Boeing PART Page.  GA Telesis is providing overhauled, repaired, and new surplus material through a new section of the Boeing PART Page called PART Page Marketplace.  Utilizing its recognized expertise in the aircraft and engine parts aftermarket, GA Telesis broadens the PART Page parts portfolio for users globally by providing high-quality overhauled and serviceable components via Boeing’s PART Page e-commerce platform, which is one of the most frequented e-commerce sites in the aerospace industry.  Further, GA Telesis becomes one of Boeing’s preferred serviceable parts providers for internal requirements such as GoldCare, AOG, Aviall engine programs, and freighter conversions.  GA Telesis currently holds one of the world’s most comprehensive commercial aircraft and engine parts inventories and is allocating a significant portion of its inventory for distribution through the PART Page Marketplace.  GA Telesis anticipates that this agreement will have a material impact on its market position.

GA Telesis will offer both Boeing and non-Boeing commercial widebody, narrowbody, and regional airframe material and engine parts to PART Page customers. The PART Page is among the largest click-to-buy e-commerce sites in the aerospace industry.  More than 43,000 users log over 40,000 interactions on the Boeing PART Page every day.

Initially GA Telesis is listing serviceable and overhauled inventory primarily focused on 777, Next-Generation 737, Classic 737, 747, 757, 767, and MD-80 platforms as well as the A320, A340, A330, CRJ, and Q400.  Jet engine material for the above listed platforms will be introduced to PART Page Marketplace in the near future.  PART Page Marketplace customers have visibility on all trace, certification, and repair documentation for the serviceable material provided by GA Telesis.  All material sold through the Boeing PART Page Marketplace has a Boeing material certification, a one-year warranty from Boeing, and (as applicable) a repair tag from a Boeing-approved and audited repair facility, including those from the GA Telesis MRO group of companies.

“The aviation aftermarket parts business is constantly evolving and changing; we have been successful by continuing to adapt to where our clients need us to provide support and respond to demand,” said Abdol Moabery, President and CEO.  “We are extremely happy to work with Boeing on this collaborative initiative, and it reinforces our ability to provide reliable, cost-effective, and quality customized solutions to our customers everywhere.”  Mr. Moabery added, “With this launch, the PART Page Marketplace is destined to become the leading web-based sales channel for serviceable aircraft material.  We are making our most significant investment to ensure that customers worldwide have 24/7/365 access to the latest and greatest replacement parts in overhauled, repaired, and new surplus condition, leading to greater support levels and cost savings.”

About GA Telesis

GA Telesis is a worldwide leader in providing support services to the commercial aerospace industry. With financial, supply-chain, component and heavy jet engine MRO businesses spanning the globe, GA Telesis is recognized as a pioneering leader in solutions-based services in its sector. As an innovator, GA Telesis is one of the few independent companies in the world capable of providing a total-support-solution to their customers from their front door with several fully integrated operations throughout North America, Europe and Asia. GA Telesis also provides leasing and asset management services and maintains an extensive portfolio of leased assets exceeding $1 billion in value.

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