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GA Telesis Builds on USM Component Offering with Announcement of V2500, CFM56-7B, CF6-80C2, and PW4000 Engine Disassemblies

Author: gatelesis

May 19, 2022 – Fort Lauderdale, Florida – GA Telesis, LLC (“GAT”) announces another expansion to their inventory of Used Serviceable Material (“USM”) with the disassembly of two IAE V2500-A5, two CFM56-7B, two General Electric CF6-80C2, and one Pratt & Whitney PW4000 engine. GAT’s Component Solutions team will fully manage the distribution of the USM parts from these asset teardowns, building on their reputation as the world’s leading independent aftermarket used serviceable material supplier.

The Component Solutions team, part of the Flight Solutions Group (“FSG”), has scheduled a record number of engine and airframe teardowns throughout 2022. With significant changes in airline and leasing companies’ upcoming asset and material needs, coupled with large numbers of scheduled new aircraft deliveries, FSG is well placed to continue its leadership position in the teardown and USM segment for years to come. The Component Solutions team will strategically position the upcoming USM in its distribution centers in the US and the UK, with further expansion planned in the Asia Pacific region in 2022.

“We have been laser-focused on sourcing more individual parts and whole assets to ensure our global sales teams satisfy customer requirements. As expected, we already see airframe and engine MROs at capacity as the need for lift is bouncing back quickly. Because of our previous anticipation of today’s lift recovery, in late 2021, we put forth a successful long-term strategy in both our procurement and repair organizations, as well as our own MRO component and composite shops, to ensure we weather the storm on predicted longstanding supply chain challenges,” said Alex Tuttle, Chief Operating Officer of the Flight Solutions Group.

About GA Telesis 

GA Telesis, a global leader in aerospace solutions, is renowned for its unmatched excellence in aftermarket services and lifecycle management. The GA Telesis Ecosystem™ is a vast global network spanning 54 locations in 30 countries on six continents. The company’s integrated solutions include parts and distribution services, logistics solutions, inventory management, leasing and financing, engine overhaul, and MRO services.

GA Telesis is committed to sustainability through innovative sustainability initiatives and advanced technologies, including digital transformation, and using advanced materials. The company’s aerospace systems and connected aircraft technologies drive efficiency and performance, while its MRO network and 24/7 AOG support provide unparalleled reliability.

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