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GA Telesis Continues its Leadership Position in the USM Market with a Record Number of CFM56-7B Engine Disassemblies

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June 4, 2024 – Fort Lauderdale, Florida – GA Telesis, LLC (“GAT”) announces a significant expansion to their inventory of Used Serviceable Material with the disassembly of a record number of CFM56-7B engines. GAT’s Flight Solutions Group (“FSG”) will manage the distribution of the USM from these engines, building on their reputation as the world’s leading independent aftermarket used serviceable material supplier.

With the exceptional growth of CFM56-7B shop visits anticipated in the coming years, FSG will support its global airline and MRO customer base with the upcoming material from multiple distribution centers, namely in the US and the UK. This material continues to drive a doubling of the single-aisle jet engine component product lines coming from the business unit from years prior. Together with over 30 additional engine disassemblies scheduled this year, FSG will continue to lead the aftermarket with extensive and unmatched USM inventory currently held by the group.

“We continue to outpace the market in support of the materials needed by our global customers,” said Alex Tuttle, COO of the Flight Solutions Group. “Planning and purchasing years’ worth of engine USM material has been paramount to our success, not only for our group but even for our GAT Engine Services Division.  Our primary goal is ensuring low-cost maintenance and OEM reliability to our customers around the world.”

“The Flight Solutions Group continues to impress in 2024 after a breakneck record year in both sales and procurement,” said Jason Reed, President, Flight Solutions Group.  “Putting our capital to work in all areas of the engine USM space has yielded tremendous results with repeat customers asking us for more.  After years of differed maintenance, our new inventory will satisfy the needs of our global customer base when they need it most,” he added.

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