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GA Telesis Engine Services Announces Opening of Expanded Helsinki Specialized Procedures Aeroengine Hospital – SPAH

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June 29, 2021 – Helsinki, Finland – GA Telesis Engine Services OY (“GATES”), the engine heavy maintenance unit of global aviation integrator GA Telesis, LLC (the “Company”), announces the opening of its expanded Special Procedures Aeroengine Hospital (“SPAH”) shop. The newly expanded Helsinki facility focuses on specialized aircraft engine repair requiring limited or targeted maintenance. SPAH also supports a mobile response team, concentrating on engine field maintenance and on-wing support.

SPAH is an independent business unit of the GATES facility in Helsinki. The SPAH services line opened in July 2020 and showed immediate success and tremendous growth in its first year of operation, resulting in the expansion. Future demand for SPAH services will be met with the integration of SPAH facilities globally. The Company recently announced a joint venture between GA Telesis and Air Transport Services Group (ATSG) to build the second SPAH in the United States and has two other global expansion locations under review.

SPAH offers a wide range of the following services:

·         Engine lease return inspections

·         QEC installations

·         Boroblend repairs

·         Top case repairs

·         Accessory gearbox repairs

·         Hot section repairs

·         Compressor rear frame repairs

·         Engine storage and preservation

·         Airworthiness Directives

·         Service Bulletin implementation

·         Engine module changes

·         Engine test and thrust conversions

·         Engine troubleshooting

·         Engine MPD Tasks

“After observing the success of our SPAH and the rapid growth in strategic engine repairs, we have an immediate need to expand our capacity. Now with the completion of our Helsinki SPAH expansion, we have added much-needed flexibility to the growing engine MRO targeted repair market segment. Our customers’ success is paramount, and the new expansion is a direct response to meeting their needs,” commented Carsten Hvidegaard Holm, Managing Director, GA Telesis Engine Services.


About GA Telesis 

GA Telesis, a global leader in aerospace solutions, is renowned for its unmatched excellence in aftermarket services and lifecycle management. The GA Telesis Ecosystem™ is a vast global network spanning 54 locations in 30 countries on six continents. The company’s integrated solutions include parts and distribution services, logistics solutions, inventory management, leasing and financing, engine overhaul, and MRO services.

GA Telesis is committed to sustainability through innovative sustainability initiatives and advanced technologies, including digital transformation, and using advanced materials. The company’s aerospace systems and connected aircraft technologies drive efficiency and performance, while its MRO network and 24/7 AOG support provide unparalleled reliability.

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About GA Telesis Engine Services

GA Telesis Engine Services (GATES) is a fully integrated subsidiary of GA Telesis, offering customers a seamless engine solution that combines high-quality repair and overhaul services as well as world-class supply chain services. The GATES facility is based in Helsinki, Finland, and operates under FAA, EASA, CAAC, TCCA, DGAC, GACA, ANAC, DGCA, and ECAA approvals for CFM56-5B, CFM56-7B, and General Electric CF6-80C2 turbine engines. GATES has an integrated test cell capable of up to 100,000 pounds of thrust and can overhaul up to 200 engines per year. GATES Go-Team is also one of the few companies authorized by EASA to perform remote repairs on engines that are installed on aircraft.

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