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GA Telesis Extends Global Honeywell Distribution Agreement for CFM56-5B Variable Bleed Valve Stop Mechanism

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April 19, 2023 – Fort Lauderdale, Florida – GA Telesis, LLC’s (“GAT”) Flight Solutions Group (“FSG”) announces the extension of its global parts distribution agreement with Honeywell for the CFM56-5B Variable Bleed Valve (“VBV”) Stop Mechanism. This partnership continues FSG’s expansion of supplying factory new aviation parts via the Distribution Solutions Team. This extension follows Honeywell and GAT’s recently announced expanded relationship for the global distribution of CFM56-5B Flex Shafts and Honeywell LRU and component inventories.

The newly signed seven-year extension allows the Distribution Solutions Team to supply factory new VBVs to operators and CFM56-5B engine MRO providers. GA Telesis Engine Services (“GATES”), based in Helsinki, Finland, will offer VBV upgrades to their customers during Engine Shop Visits as well.

“Our long-term partnership with Honeywell continues to grow exponentially,” said Fred Sontag, Vice President of the Distribution Solutions Team. “With this additional long-term VBV distribution expansion now in hand, our mutual customers can expect to receive the highest levels of customer service, support, and availability now and in the years to come,” added Sontag.

“The GAT Flight Solutions Group continues to grow and diversify its used serviceable material business together with its new distribution partnership with our friends at Honeywell,” commented Jason Reed, President of GA Telesis’ Flight Solutions Group. “Our rapid expansion into greater offerings of material, including OEM distribution parts, is key for our customers, partners, and GA Telesis alike. Customers have come to expect the highest level of inventory management solutions and professionalism from GA Telesis, and we look forward to driving more of that together with Honeywell.”

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