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GA Telesis’ Flight Solutions Group Continues USM Market Growth Following a PW4168 Engine Disassembly

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GA Telesis’ Flight Solutions Group Continues USM Market Growth Following a PW4168 Engine Disassembly

 February 2, 2023 – Fort Lauderdale, Florida – GA Telesis, LLC (“GAT”) announced the disassembly of a Pratt & Whitney 4168 Engine to begin the new year. The engine is a part of a lease return pool sourced from the Company’s Asset Transaction Group. It will be managed by GAT’s Flight Solutions Group (FSG) for disassembly and redistribution.

Following the dismantling and repair by FSG’s Component Solutions team, the used serviceable material (USM) will be made available to GA Telesis’ airline and MRO customers worldwide in the coming months. This new inventory represents a significant expansion of some of the company’s largest widebody jet engine component product lines. Additionally, this inventory will add to an already unparalleled independent USM inventory with additional teardown activity scheduled for the group to hit a record 100 assets for the year 2023.

“The continued expansion into the PW4168 market has been a great success for us,” said Alex Tuttle, COO of Flight Solutions Group. “With the continued re-entry into service of long-haul aircraft post-COVID, GAT continues to lead the procurement and sales effort in the engine space providing our customers with the greatest level of cost efficiency during their shop visits.”

“Our team has built some of the most diverse aviation-based product lines while also driving the highest level of ready-to-go inventory for our customer base,” said Jason Reed, President of Flight Solutions Group. “The level of growth our team has exhibited has been nothing but great news for our customer base, keeping their maintenance budgets to a minimum. 2023 is scheduled to be a breakout year for us in global customer expansion in the USM sector.”

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