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GA Telesis Istanbul Earns AS9120 Certification and ASA-100 Accreditation

Author: gatelesis

October 28, 2019 – Istanbul, Turkey – GA Telesis Istanbul announced it has received AS9120 Certification and ASA–100 Accreditation.

Since inception, GA Telesis has been committed to exceeding the industry’s standards of operational quality for the distribution of aviation components. The Company continues to set the high-bar for the sector by creating key performance indicators, to ensure execution of maximum quality levels.

GA Telesis is listed as an Aerospace Supplier in IAQG’s exclusive OASIS database

GA Telesis continues to excel by instituting the highest level of quality and organizational standards in the industry. This latest achievement elevates our global quality management system to a level not yet achieved by our competitors. This major milestone also provides our customers with the confidence that every GA Telesis business unit operates under an umbrella of the highest level of organizational quality,” said Jason Reed, President, Component Solutions Group.

“It is our goal at GA Telesis Istanbul to provide our customers with unprecedented levels of organization and operational quality. We intend to set a new level of standards in our region that will reshape our industry,” added Mehmet Dogan, Managing Director GA Telesis Istanbul.

About GA Telesis 

GA Telesis is a global leader providing integrated solutions to the aviation and aerospace industries.  Built on the premise of “Customer Success” being the goal, GA Telesis serves over 3,000 customers including airlines, OEMs, MROs and suppliers worldwide with 31 leasing, sales, distribution and MRO operations in 19 countries. At GA Telesis, the company’s core business is integrated aviation solutions and their mission is customer success.

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