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GA Telesis MRO Services Group Receives B737NG Landing Gear Certification from the FAA

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March 3, 2020 – Miami, Florida – GA Telesis (the “Company”), the pioneering leader in integrated aviation services, announced its MRO Services Group received its Boeing 737NG landing gear certification from the United States Federal Aviation Administration. This new rating allows GA Telesis MRO Services to repair and overhaul Boeing 737NG landing gears. The Company has elected to make a substantial investment in growing its MRO Services footprint and will invest in the latest equipment, tooling, and plating technologies available for current and future generation aircraft models.

Landing gear repairs and overhauls for this aircraft type will be carried out in the Miami facility located across from Miami International Airport and will support Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ job creation initiatives creating a significant number of new high-tech jobs

The Company began landing gear overhauls mid-2019 and has quickly gained market traction with several contracts to perform overhaul and repairs on regional aircraft. “This additional certification paves the way for the Company to fulfill its strategic plan to increase its product offerings from regional to narrow-body aircraft for 2020,” said Pastor Lopez, President MRO Services. “It is our full intention to build the most state-of-the-art landing gear facility in the country to support all gear types, and become the leader in this area by providing the highest level of quality and reliability through the use of new technologies.”

Aligned with GA Telesis’ eco-system vision, the Company will deliver the first ship set of landing gear this month to GA Telesis’ Component Solutions Group. This set of landing gear will be available for immediate sale.

The MRO Services group has a strong focus on performance by deploying lean operations and eliminating waste from daily activities that lead to direct cost savings for our customers. The “OEM Parts Only Philosophy” and current OEM material service agreements provide a great benefit to GA Telesis’ customers and its OEM partners. GA Telesis can deliver OEM quality material at the most competitive prices to its customers while enhancing the OEMs market channels.

About GA Telesis 

GA Telesis is a global leader providing integrated solutions to the aviation and aerospace industries. Built on the premise of “Customer Success” being the goal, GA Telesis serves over 3,000 customers, including airlines, OEMs, MROs, and suppliers worldwide with 31 leasing, sales, distribution, and MRO operations in 19 countries. At GA Telesis, the Company’s core business is integrated aviation solutions and their mission is customer success.

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