Managing a Region with the World’s Largest Airport / By Mehmet Gokhan Dogan

Author: gatelesis

For ages, Istanbul has been considered the center of the world with its strategic location between East and West. Translated, Istanbul’s meaning, “to the city” in Greek, was a message before its time. Whether it’s the silk road of Old or New, the Biggest Airport in the world was designed, developed, and built to serve a purpose in the region to become the Global Aviation Transport Hub.

The new airport covers 76 million square meters (more than 818 million square feet or 18,780 acres) and can currently handle 90 million passengers a year in phase one. When the entire airport is completed, it will be able to handle 200 million passengers a year. That will make it the world’s busiest airport by passenger traffic and has the largest single terminal building in the world. This represents a unique shopping experience like the Grand Bazaar.

GA Telesis established its regional office at the same time as the development of the Airport five years ago, with the same vision to meet the demand of customers in the fastest-growing market in the world. The Covid-19 Pandemic as the biggest risk to the new airport and has given significant challenges to meeting customer demand. The world’s largest airport and Turkey have begun measures such as the safe tourism certification program and tourist protection support insurance and implemented strict controls on social distance, masks, and hygiene conditions.

The airport has a laboratory that can perform thousands of daily coronavirus tests at Istanbul Airport and provide incoming and outgoing passengers opportunities. If the virus is detected or suspected, passengers are immediately quarantined. In addition to strict hygiene rules, ventilation at the airport is cleaned continuously, and the airport is monitored by thermal cameras. Also, hospital-standard quarantine rooms have been established at the airport, staffed with hundreds of medical workers.

GA Telesis has also shown our dedication to our customer base in the Istanbul Airport to meet their daily demands and ensure their safe operation during one of the most challenging commercial aviation periods. The aviation sector reacts quickly to global and regional crises; it shows immediate reactions. But on the other hand, it can renew itself very quickly and move towards opportunities as before. Although recent events have affected traffic, investments in tourism, and industry, we know that the aviation sector will continue to grow in this region fueled by its strategic location over centuries and its foundation as a global transport and logistics hub.

President Erdogan and his vision of 2023 have played a pivotal role in Eurasia and Turkey’s development with new Hydro Dams, Nuclear Plants, Superhighways, Fast Rail, New Bridges, New Tunnels, Canal Istanbul, Metro, Port Projects. Over 1500 New Hospitals are planned not just for today but to lay a foundation “to the city” where global trade and development started centuries ago. With its unique history and religions, the international melting pot of the world has also become a vital part of the GA Telesis Ecosystem for services and support.