Millennial and Gen-Z Interns – YUCK? NOT HARDLY! / By Abdol Moabery

Author: gatelesis

Today I had the opportunity to have lunch with the 2018 Intern Class at GA Telesis.  This is an annual thing we do where they get to spend some time with me, talk about what they have learned, ask questions of me and let’s remember they are young students – so there is nothing like a free lunch. With all that is being said about the work ethic and philosophy of Millennials and Generation Z (I had both in the room), I must say, I was thoroughly impressed with every single one of them.

Their assignment was simple.  Prepare a couple of PowerPoint slides on what you did during your internship, what you learned and what you got out of it.  So, here’s the rub, that frankly almost threw me off my seat. I had an age range from 17 years old, to early twenty-somethings throwing very detailed industry terms about operations, marketing and engineering at me. I was blown away.  How did these young people learn so much over an eight-week period?  How did they absorb the level of information they had in such a short period of time? I had to know so I asked, “Did you guys know any of this before you came to your internship?” The answer was “No” across the board.

I must give credit where credit is due. First to the GA Telesis People Operations Team and my wife (she is Head of Global Marketing) who created and oversee the internship program.  Next to my entire team, who took these young minds under their wings (pun…sorry) and instead of giving them a summer-job, they gave them knowledge and experience to take back to school with them.  Finally, to the 2018 Summer Intern Class, you are by far the best class we have had, and you have set the bar high for classes to follow.

With every internship, there comes the looming question, “Can I have a job after I graduate?”  The answer without hesitation to this group of go-getters is YES.  I hope that GA Telesis is lucky enough to have you join our team in the future.  Congratulations on a successful start of your career-journey.  Wherever you end up, that employer should consider themselves LUCKY!