Team and Attitude at MRO Services / by Agustin Garcia

Author: gatelesis

As we navigate these difficult times, GA Telesis MRO Services has maintained 100% of its highly talented, reliable and dedicated team to provide its customers with award-winning Quality, Performance and Customer Service.

What’s the secret? Company Culture.

Company Culture starts with Team Attitude, from the top to every Manager, Supervisor, Lead, and Technician.

At GA Telesis, we focus not only on having highly skilled team members but also on those who possess the team’s values, attitude, behavior, and beliefs. As a leader, we want our team members to be pro-active, customer-focused, quality-oriented and know that their work and ideas will contribute to the success of the business, and by definition, to our own success.

A customer-focused team puts customer satisfaction at the top of its list, especially during these challenging times. More than profits, knowing your customers’ needs is the foundation of a good culture; this is achieved by having a good relationship and a strong understanding of each customer. A customer-focused culture involves everyone in the organization, not just the employees who interact directly with customers. Employees at GA Telesis MRO Services recognize, understand, and are dedicated to each customer’s success through direct and frequent communication, allowing us to meet and exceed their expectations.

Essential to a customer-focused team is a Quality Culture. Quality Culture is an atmosphere where all employees genuinely care about their work quality throughout the organization. Quality of work starts when a customer requests a quote and continues up to when the product is delivered, installed, and exceeds reliability expectations. Quality cannot be inspected into a product; it must be part of the organization’s processes and procedures. GA Telesis MRO Services continually reviews and promotes a quality culture through customer communication, quality assessments, and employee inputs. It is through continuous improvement that we can mitigate risk and achieve industry-leading quality.

COVID-19 has significantly affected the aviation industry due to travel restrictions. As we go through this pandemic, having strong leadership in the organization, a positive outlook, determination, and a strong team, with a winning attitude will ensure success. This is why the GA Telesis philosophy of hiring attitude over aptitude has proven to be effective. Through these unprecedented times, GA Telesis continues to be a business partner rather than just a vendor to its customers.