The Art of Airline Relationship Management / by Mauro Francazi

Author: gatelesis

Airlines are vital partners of ours and an essential portion of the GA Telesis Ecosystem™.  Therefore, building and maintaining a robust, healthy, and productive relationship with them is paramount. The importance of how GA Telesis builds and maintains relationships with our partners is not merely a competence. It is an “art” deeply ingrained in the culture of our company.

As the aviation industry struggles with the Covid-19 pandemic, the majority of airlines are facing this crisis with grounded fleets. GA Telesis offers not only an aircraft, engine, APU, and spare inventory, but integrated solutions that provide real value to our customers.  With our strategic global presence, coupled with a wide range of goods and services, GA Telesis offers airlines solutions that few other entities can match.  Business is business, but we aim to become a reliable partner for our customers. We provide more: our support, our value, and our emotional intelligence.  We understand that we are dealing with people, and we must not ignore the personal side of the equation to manage those relationships effectively.

This approach defines the art of airline relationship management; where the capacity to create interpersonal communication and build empathy with our partners is our strength. Our ability to inspire trust and the capacity to communicate forms lasting bonds with our customers. GA Telesis‘ industry knowledge allows us to propose solutions to the airlines, which we know ultimately translates into success with their end-user, the airline passenger. While we work within the confines of a contract in many cases, GA Telesis‘ goal is to exceed the expectations outlined in an agreement. We earn their trust by setting our standards higher than their expectations and performing our obligations to exceed not only our airline partner’s expectations but that of their customers.

Some techniques we use are:

  • We pay careful attention to our customers, trying to make them feel like the most important person in the world.
  • We ask questions about their life, being sensitive to their privacy and cultural diversity.
  • We stay in touch with regular follow-up and in-person visits, which is vital to our business.

While a call is appreciated, an e-mail important, and texting handy, nothing has the impact and perceived value of a face-to-face meeting.  With this crucial ingredient disrupted during the pandemic, follow-up calls without a specific agenda are something we pursue to make our name and thoughtfulness known to our customers.  When you meet a customer and shake hands, you are visiting people at their “home” which makes them more relaxed and willing to collaborate. A cup of coffee – espresso preferably – and eye contact builds goodwill that is not achievable through remote communication.  Although video conferencing and creative backgrounds are helpful, no alternative will ever measure up to an in-person meeting. We all anxiously await the time we can resume this critical part of our business.

All this translates into our mission statement:  Our business is integrated aviation solutions – Our mission is CUSTOMER SUCCESS.