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GA Telesis Announces Expanded Relationship with Honeywell for Distribution of Finished Goods Inventory

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March 1, 2023 – Fort Lauderdale, Florida – GA Telesis, LLC (“GAT”) announces a landmark expansion of its relationship with Honeywell Aerospace to include the distribution of new Finished Goods Inventory (“FGI”). This latest agreement with Honeywell is the continuation of a strong partnership between the two organizations after previously being named Channel Partner of the Year by Honeywell. The Distribution Solutions team, part of the Flight Solutions Group (“FSG”), will lead the way in providing new Honeywell Aftermarket Inventory to customers worldwide.

The multi-year agreement is effective immediately and supports all aircraft platforms and models where Honeywell has content. In addition, the expanded relationship with Honeywell’s new product lines will permit GAT to supply an extensive suite of FGI to customers globally from its regional distribution centers on three continents. This monumental, enhanced relationship realizes GAT’s growth to better serve the aviation industry as a whole and is valued at nearly $100M overall.

“We entered into this agreement to augment Honeywell’s commitment to enhancing access to its inventory through channel partners that had global distribution capabilities,” said Fred Sontag, Vice President Distribution Solutions team within FSG. “We plan to execute with the highest service level across all aerospace sectors around the globe,” said Sontag.

“Our continued efforts to drive both creative USM and new OEM solutions has hit a new high today with Honeywell,” commented Jason Reed, President of GA Telesis’ Flight Solutions Group. “After years of accelerated USM sales expansion, we are now on track to do just that again in the new parts distribution sector, ensuring our customers a convenient and easy channel for their new material solutions.”

About GA Telesis 

GA Telesis, a global leader in aerospace solutions, is renowned for its unmatched excellence in aftermarket services and lifecycle management. The GA Telesis Ecosystem™ is a vast global network spanning 54 locations in 30 countries on six continents. The company’s integrated solutions include parts and distribution services, logistics solutions, inventory management, leasing and financing, engine overhaul, and MRO services.

GA Telesis is committed to sustainability through innovative sustainability initiatives and advanced technologies, including digital transformation, and using advanced materials. The company’s aerospace systems and connected aircraft technologies drive efficiency and performance, while its MRO network and 24/7 AOG support provide unparalleled reliability.

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